GNARBOX updates
GNARBOX updates

iOS App Update





This app update resolves app crashes on iOS when users are trying to browse GNARBOX and are connected on a local network.

Release 2.7.1


Major Update



New Features:

  • Ability to switch GNARBOX WiFi Off

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes

This software release requires an Application update, followed by Software and Operating System updates.

How to Update to the New Software

GNARBOX App for iOS and Android: (New!)

Software: (New!)

OS: (New!)

Firmware: 2.6.0 (No Change)

iPhone/iPad Hotspot Tethering


New Feature



Users will now be able to complete a full cloud workflow while in the field using the new Hotspot Tethering feature. This feature works by allowing users to connect their GNARBOX 2.0 to their iPhone or iPad’s cellular hotspot using a lightning to USB-C cable. Files can now be uploaded to Dropbox or immediately from the field, enabling remote teams to begin working together even while their shooters are still in the field. With the increase of 5G connectivity, we expect that this feature will only continue to improve over time!

Selects + Safekeep = GNARBOX App





Since we launched GNARBOX 2.0 just over a year ago, one of the biggest points of feedback we’ve received from our users is that they wished that Selects and Safekeep functionalities were combined into one app. We’re grateful for all those who shared their feedback with us regarding the challenges that two apps brought to their workflows. Today we’re excited to announce that we have combined Safekeep and Selects into a single app - the GNARBOX app. You’ll now be able to open workspaces and manage your files all in the same place, removing the need to move between apps to complete tasks.

Key Improvements to Backup Presets (formerly “Folder Presets”)





This update includes key improvements to the core GNARBOX 2.0 product experience of backing up as conveniently as possible with automatic organization. Additionally, we have changed the feature name to Backup Presets, which we feel more accurately describes the feature and user experience.

Included in these improvements:

  • Ability for users to assign an existing Backup Preset to be the default “Backup Now” function
  • Ability to duplicate any existing preset
  • Ability to rearrange the order in which presets appear in the list

Backup Preset: Cloud Upload


New Feature



In addition to the improvements for Backup Presets, we have also combined the power of cloud upload with Backup Presets. Users can now not only define the location and folder to backup to, but can now add cloud destinations as part of their preset. This gives users even more automation, with no need to manually upload content to the cloud. Instead, create a Backup Preset containing the cloud service of your choice (Dropbox or, and your data will automatically push to the cloud as soon as the GNARBOX is connected to the internet.

Home Mode Switching from OLED & Auto-Connect


New Feature



Many users have requested a way to switch their GNARBOX 2.0 into Home Mode using the OLED. This new feature makes it much faster and easier to connect to your home WiFi network than was previously possible. Users can now quickly switch their GNARBOX into Home Mode with a few button presses on the unit, and GNARBOX will automatically connect to any network it has previously been connected to.

This feature cuts the number of steps needed to connect to your home network in half, saving time, and allowing you to quickly get online once arriving back to the studio. Additionally, the combination of this feature and cloud upload on preset make uploading your data to the cloud once arriving home incredibly fast and easy, allowing you to spend less time getting online and more time focused on other things.

Updated OLED Icons for WiFi Mode & Upload Tasks





Users now have more insight into the status of their GNARBOX via the OLED, which now indicates whether the device is in Home or Field mode, and if a cloud upload is in progress.

Updated Task Manager Icon





Based on user feedback, we have updated the task manager icon to more clearly indicate its function. Additionally, when a task is in progress, the icon will change to display a yellow clock.

SD Card Update Process - Retain User Settings





Improvements have been made to the SD card update process which allows users to decide if they would like to retain their user settings (cloud logins, WiFi networks, backup settings etc) when updating their GNARBOX 2.0. This improvement makes this update process even more seamless.

We do recommend you use the standard updating process of updating over WiFi, but if there are any constraints instructions for updating using an SD card can be found here.

NOTE: As a reminder, it is our recommended best practice that you do NOT update your GNARBOX while in the midst of traveling, especially if you will not have access to a computer. If an update appears while you are on a trip, please try and update once you return home.