Adobe Lightroom Import Bug Fix

This fix resolves a bug that was creating issues with importing from GNARBOX to Adobe Lightroom via the iOS Files App.

In order to patch the bug, please update your Safekeep app to the latest version (

xxHash64 as Default Checksum

We have changed the default checksum to be xxHash64 instead of MD5. This is because xxHash64 is by far the faster checksum option of the two, and most individuals do not need to use MD5 unless their work specifically requires it. Users still have the ability to choose between MD5 and xxHash64, but GNARBOX will now default to xxHash64 if the user enables checksum but does not pick which they’d prefer.

New Update Process

Users will now be able to update the software on their GNARBOX via an industry standard method, by using an SD card, with the software loaded onto it via computer. Users have the option to either retain their media partition or fully erase it, giving full freedom to “format” their GNARBOX if so desired.

We have found that many users found the previous update process cumbersome, having to switch between Field and Home mode, and installing three separate layers of software (OS, Firmware and Software) on their GNARBOX. The SD card update method is by far the fastest and easiest, as it requires much fewer steps, and all software layers are installed in one action.

The SD card update process is our recommended method to update your GNARBOX moving forward. The previous wifi/Ethernet update method will still be available to those who need it.

NOTE: As a reminder, it is our recommended best practice that you do NOT update your GNARBOX while in the midst of traveling, especially if you will not have access to a computer. If an update appears while you are on a trip, please try and update once you return home.

You can find instructions on our new update process in the support article How to Update Your GNARBOX 2.0 SSD.

Release 2.6.3

New Features:

  • New update process


  • xxHash64 as default checksum

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where OLED shows "." as name for external storage devices
  • Prevent incorrect Smart Backup setting for copies
  • Eliminate rare bug that causes the OLED screen to go black
  • Avoid checksum failures due to identical files with different file names
  • Fix bug where available storage quota was reporting incorrectly

This software release requires Application (Safekeep & Selects) updates, followed by Software and Operating System updates.

How to Update to the New Software

Safekeep & Selects Apps for iOS and Android: (New!)

Software: (New!)

OS: (New!)

Firmware: 2.6.0 (No Change)

iOS App Update:

This app update for iOS fixes app crashes when switching between Home and Field modes on iOS 14.This update applies to both Safekeep and Selects for iOS.

APFS Support

GNARBOX is now capable of mounting hard drives formatted in APFS.

Software Reinstall

Our team now has the ability to help users reinstall the software on their GNARBOX and perform a factory reset, allowing us to remotely triage issues, and even get users up to date with the latest software if they are unable to update themselves.

If you need to perform a software reinstall, please reach out to and our support team will be able to provide you with instructions on this process.

Dropbox Upload

We have fully redesigned the Dropbox upload experience to provide users with more robust tools, as well as increased stability. This update enables new features like the ability to select an upload destination, error handling and reporting, task progress in the Task Manager, and an upload report for each task indicating success/failure. This report will include increased error reporting transparency and the ability to retry any uploads that may have failed.

Users will no longer need to use the Dropbox folder on their GNARBOX as their method of upload, but instead can select their destination from existing folders in their Dropbox, and even create new folders. Ultimately this improvement will provide users with more tools to manage their cloud uploads, and bring more transparency to the upload experience.

Check out our updated How to Connect and Upload to Dropbox article.

xxHash64 Checksum

xxHash64 provides users with an alternative checksum algorithm with which they can verify their transfers. With this update, users will be able to choose whether they’d prefer to use MD5 checksum, which has historically been the industry standard verification algorithm, or our new xxHash64 verification.

xxHash64 is a significantly faster algorithm when performing copies and multiple copies, and will allow users to more quickly achieve verification of their copies than if they were running MD5. We recommend using xxHash unless your work explicitly requires use of MD5, as it will be much faster.

Check out our updated How to Configure Your Backup Settings article to learn how to enable xxHash64.

MHL Logs

Users will now be able to toggle on and off the generation of MHL Logs within their backup settings. When this setting is enabled, GNARBOX will generate a .mhl file which is readable in any text editor.

MHL logs are an industry standard tool for production asset management, and can be used in concert with a number of asset management tools. You can learn more about MHLs here.

Check out our updated How to Configure Your Backup Settings article to learn how to enable MHL logs.