NAS Integration via SMB File Sharing

SMB file sharing allows you to connect your GNARBOX 2.0 SSD to any server or NAS device over USB-C Ethernet or WiFi to offload files in the studio. This interaction allows professionals who rely on NAS systems to safely archive their files in a few taps, cutting minutes and possibly hours out of their workflow.

To ensure maximum reliability, we worked with industry leaders Synology and LumaForge to build specific workflows for use with their NAS devices and studio media servers.

In order to use this new feature, simply connect your GNARBOX to a network over USB-C Ethernet or WiFi. We recommend using USB-C for maximum connection throughput. Any server on the network will appear in a menu in the Safekeep and Selects apps, allowing you to select a sharepoint and securely authenticate. It takes seconds to initiate a transfer and you no longer have to spend time wrangling files when you arrive back to your edit station. This feature also allows you to use key backup settings like Smart Backup or MD5 Checksum Verification when backing up to your NAS. It will even automatically reconnect to servers you’ve previously configured!

SMB file sharing is available in GNARBOX’s Safekeep and Selects apps for iOS and Android.

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