Release 2.5.0

New Features:

  • NAS integration using SMB File Sharing

  • GNARBOX Charges in Mass Storage Mode off Computer (USB-C only)

  • Persistent Tag / Rating Indicator in Selects Workspace

  • Selects Save to Camera Roll / Gallery from Workspace and List View

  • .XMP Sidecar Metadata in Selects

  • Delete Files from Selects Workspace and List View

  • Remove Files from Selects Workspace

  • Cancel Active Backup Task on OLED

  • Backup GNARBOX Root to External Hard Drive via OLED

  • Battery Indication on OLED During Backup


  • Dropbox Upload Timeout
  • Automatic Software Stack Reset if GNARBOX Encounters Boot Up Issues

How to Update to the New Software

This software release requires Application (Safekeep & Selects) updates followed by Software, Firmware and Operating System updates.

How to Update Your GNARBOX 2.0 SSD

Mobile App (iOS & Android): (New!)

Software: 2.5.0948 (New!)

Firmware: 2.5.0 (New!)

OS: (New!)