.XMP Metadata Sidecar in Selects

The addition of the ability to choose how your metadata gets saved in Selects gives users more control over their metadata and how it interacts with their files. For users who employ Smart Backup for importing, applying metadata directly to a file changes the file’s “Date Modified” metadata, which is part of what Smart Backup relies on to detect duplicates. When files are tagged and “Date Modified” changes, Smart Backup can no longer see that they are the same files, and this was leading to users getting duplicates if they were incrementally backing up, while also culling and applying metadata.

By giving users the choice to write their metadata to an .XMP sidecar file, those who rely on Smart Backup will now be able to ensure they do not get duplicates of their files but can still cull images over the course of a shoot, as the original file’s “Date Modified” metadata will be unchanged.

Unlike metadata that is embedded in a file itself, .XMP sidecar metadata does not carry over into Lightroom CC on mobile devices, though it can easily be imported in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic on desktop.

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